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Six-axis coordinate measuring machines manufactured by Lapic LLC can be equipped with Renishaw scanning probes and can perform measurements by scanning more than 200 points per second. 

The sensor can continuously slide along the surface of the part and it can also perform usual point-to-point measurement. It operates in two modes:

  • open-loop scanning with the specified path;
  • closed-loop scanning of the unknown (arbitrary) surface of the part.

CMM manufactured by Lapic LLC provides highly efficient measurement of hardly-accessible features of the inspected part due to the six-axis design and scanning sensor capabilities. Along with the high speed of data acquisition, measurement of the part in one setup is a new advantage of Lapic LLC coordinate measuring machines. 

When measuring nonstandard surface features, the automated data processing is carried out by special software programs designed for results processing and then required forms of protocols are obtained. 

All measurements are carried out in accordance with international standards.