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Gear inspections

Coordinate measuring machine allows inspecting gears with standard and nonstandard original profiles, also in accordance with GOSTs and other proprietary designs.

Inspected gears include:

  • external and internal spur gears;
  • straight bevel gears with spiral teeth, including hypoid gears;
  • worm gears;
  • spline joints.

During measurement of gears the following parameters are inspected:

  • average base tangent length;
  • base tangent length;
  • radial run-out;
  • accumulative pitch error;
  • pitch variation;
  • tooth profile error;
  • helix error;
  • base tangent length variation;
  • average constant chordal tooth thickness;
  • variation of constant chordal tooth thickness;
  • helix angle (for helical gears);
  • spiral angle error (for gears with spiral teeth);
  • lead variation (for worm gears).