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Control and measurement of parts

Coordinate measuring machine is designed for manual and automatic measurement of parts with different geometries. 

When measuring on bridge-type coordinate measuring machines some parts are partially or fully inaccessible. Six-axis CMM makes it possible to measure such parts or their “inaccessible regions” that characterizes the machine as a universal one. 

Apart from bridge-type machine capabilities, this CMM has additional function of six-dimensional “probing” which allows us: to measure internal cavities; narrow curvilinear channels and angular holes; to perform scanning of parts with irregular shapes with specified angle of contact; to carry out inspection of small parts (or fragments of large parts) with error less than that of the specified value and perform other measurements possible for six-axis machines only. 

CMM designed by Lapic LLC is equipped with SP25M scanning probe system manufactured by Renishaw. Compared to the switching sensor, the measurement algorithm based on scanning makes it possible to gather much more data from the measured surface within short time. This technique allows us to inspect measuring surfaces more objectively.