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Long-term stability characteristics

KIM works in workshop and non-stabilized premises

Rich software features

Service life over 15 years without loss of accuracy

Productivity is 2-5 times higher than three-axial CMM

Control of previously inaccessible surfaces of parts


1978 г. Group of designers, electronics engineers, mathematicians and specialists in optical engineering in Saratov under the guidance of Aleksandr Grigorievich Laptev started working on the design of a conceptually new measurement technology – coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) which have work members with six degrees of freedom.
1988 г. нthe CMM prototype was put into operation
1990 г. when Russia removed the “iron curtain” we welcomed American, German and other foreign guests interested in measurement technology know-how.
1992 г. Lapic LLC was founded to implement the idea in manufacturing with the measurement technology to be the main aspect of production. The first coordinate measuring machine was supplied to the customer.
1994 г. Lapic LLC presented its products at the exhibition in Washington, D.C. The new generation technology was presented in domestic and foreign editions. Later analog machines appeared in USA and Federal Republic of Germany.
1995 г. The measurement technology was equipped with the self-calibration system.
1996 г. Milan. Exhibition of metal processing equipment BIMU-96. Western specialists noted CMM-750 systems to be a breakthrough into the XXI century. The accuracy of processing or measurement of parts was 1 micron
1997 г. Demonstration of our CMM at exhibitions in Leipzig, Hannover, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow
1998 г. The first export supply of CMM to Xian, China.
2000 г. launched the design of CMM series including those for measuring large-size parts.
2002 г. Self-teaching system was added into the CMM software.
2004 г. Measuring equipment is equipped with Renishaw probe heads
2005 г. The measurement technology was equipped with Renishaw stylus probes
2006 г. developed the program to measure complex parts in accordance with their mathematical models
2006 г. The best domestic measuring device of 2006. “Test and measuring instruments and systems” magazine recognized the designing of CMM-1200/2800 as the winner in the nomination “The best domestic measuring device of 2006”.
2007 г. The measurement technology was equipped with Renishaw scanning probe.
2008 г. The best domestic measuring device of 2008. “Test and measuring instruments and systems” magazine recognized the designing of CMM-1000 as the winner in the nomination “The best domestic measuring device of 2008”.
2009 г. Work has begun on the creation of a system for moving and positioning a device for ion-beam processing of large-diameter mirrors, which are used in a space observation system.
2009 г. started working on the design of the movement and positioning control system of ion-beam machining device intended for mirrors of large diameters used in space observations system.
2010 г. A six-axis system is being developed for use with a scanning probe microscope (SPM) in the study of micro- and nano-relief of a surface. The development relates to electronic measuring technology and nanotechnology.
2011 г. Completed work on the creation of an installation for ion-beam processing of large-diameter mirrors used in the space observation system.
2012 г. A KREON laser scanning head has been connected to the coordinate measuring machine (measuring machine), which provides for the removal of up to 30,000 points per second from the surface of the measured part.
2013 г. The model range has expanded the model of the coordinate measuring machine of normal accuracy without an interferometric system. Simple and fast CMM is an inexpensive, productive solution.
2014 г. improved software. Added support for new types of gears, threads. Improved self-study program.
2015 г. a six-axis robot is being developed.

Lapic LLC today:

  • design-engineering department with laboratories of mechanics, optics, electronics, programming
  • departments of CMM manufacturing as well as manufacturing of process equipment
  • certification group
  • departments of warranty and post-warranty service

Our customers:

  • Enterprise of energy complex “Geomash” JSC, Kursk oblast
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Vavilov State Optical Institute”, St. Petersburg
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Moscow Plant ”Salyut” ”, Moscow
  • CJSC “The Center of Development of Measurement Instruments and Certification”, Saratov
  • Republican Unitary Manufacturing Enterprise “BelAZ”, the Republic of Belarus
  • The University of Science and Technology Beijing
  • Aerospace company of PRC
  • The Institute of Cryogenic Engineering of PRC