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Конструкция КИМ

Laser interferometers

with a resolution of 0.05 µm, the measuring system is promising up to ultra-precise measurements.

Measuring frame

captures the “zeroes of reference” of the measuring system, is isolated from mechanical disturbances, which ensures precise stability.

Power frame

serves for fastening the carriage drives, ensures their dynamism and vibration resistance.

Electric drives and ballscrews

move the carriage, work with the feedback on the interferometers.


small mass with a measuring tool and shadowless backlight. Highly dynamic in 6 axes.

Measuring head

Renishaw for ordinary measurements and "Lapik" for ultra-precise. Optional - laser scanner, video camera.


for quick access to management and CIM programs.

Object table

KIM serves only for fastening products and is not a base. Does not affect accuracy.

Vibro support

make it possible to use KIM in shop premises.

Remote Control

with six-axis joystick and multifunction control buttons.

Computing and control complex

with software package SAMISO and specialized software.

Lapik LLC is the only Russian manufacturer of six-axis coordinate measuring machines (CMM)

Coordinate measuring machines "Lapik" are the official means of measurement according to ISO standards, listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation.

Work on the creation of a CMM began in 1978, and the industrial operation of measuring machines in enterprises, since 1992, has shown the effectiveness and reliability of the Lapik CMC. Now Kap "Lapik" work at more than 50 enterprises in 35 cities of Russia and abroad.

Coordinate measuring machines "Lapik" - universal measuring equipment. KIM can measure: hull products; all types of involute gears; reiki; slots; threads (metric, inch, trapezoidal, pipe, special); aerodynamic forms (blades, turbines, wheels); cutters and gear cutting tools; bearing parts; and many other products of arbitrary and complex shapes.

Solution of measurement problems is our main vector in work with clients. It is important for us that the customer, acquiring Lapic KIM, closes all of its measurement tasks. Each Lapick coordinate measuring machine is an exclusive product created specifically for the needs of the customer. CIM is equipped only with the software and equipment that the customer needs. The software includes many optional packages, and special software is often written for the original parts of the customer.

Lapik LLC is a Russian manufacturer, therefore fast service and maintenance services are available to customers, as well as detailed training for working with CMM for 40 hours.

The price of the coordinate measuring machine depends on its functionality.

The cost is affected by:

  • machine error,
  • measurement range,
  • software,
  • optional equipment.

To get a commercial offer for a coordinate measuring machine - call the phones on the site, order a callback via the feedback form or send a message to our email address.

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